The Get Fruitful Marketing Programme is a highly collaborative step-by-step process to help you to create a brand strategy and marketing plan to support your business growth.

Through a series of enjoyable  practical workshops we will work together to:

  • Articulate your value promise in a condensed ‘elevator pitch’ format.
  • Build a compelling narrative around your company history and team credentials, and finding ways to communicate your vision for the future, to excite others to buy in to your brand.
  • Develop a clear personality for your brand – identifying a ‘tone of voice’ with key words, phrases and messaging that will communicate your value proposition most clearly to resonate with your target market.
  • Segment and profile your target market in more detail to build a clearer picture of their attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and identify the best marketing channels to connect with them.
  • Conduct a detailed ‘needs analysis’ of your target markets, identifying their pain points, and how much value they place on resolving these. Exploring objections that may arise and how to overcome these during the sales process.
  • Audit and evaluate your customer journey, to identify all the ‘touchpoints’ from initial awareness to after-sales support, ensuring all opportunities are optimised.
  • Ensure consistency of messaging across all of your marketing collateral, identifying gaps where amendments needs to be made or more materials produced.
  • Audit your existing customer feedback to refine and support your marketing messages. Finding ways to capture more and better quality feedback in future.
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, and establish how you might capitalise on, or mitigate, emerging opportunities and threats in the market, presented by social, economic, technological and political developments.
  • Conduct a competitor analysis and create a strategy to distinguish your offer.


By the end of the programme you’ll receive:

tick Your Personalised Brand Core

An essential reference tool that encapsulates your proposition to inform your future marketing activity and to share with others, such as investors, suppliers and future team members.

tick Your Personalised Marketing Map

A Strategic Marketing Plan, in diagram form, with a clear and simple schedule of activity that can be easily monitored and reviewed.

tick Your Personalised Marketing Pack

To inform the development of your marketing collateral including brand guidelines on areas such as key messages, tone of voice, and your vision, mission and values.

Seeds to Success 2019 Online Programme

For sole traders and start-ups who want strategic marketing support to launch and grow. Coming soon…

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Bespoke Support

A personalised one-to-one programme
for established businesses

Tailored to suit your needs.

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Get Fruitful The Playbook


This accessible new step-by-guide is packed full with enjoyable exercises to make your marketing more fruitful.

More about the playbook

anwen-cooper-2“Get Fruitful Marketing is the programme I created to bring fresh insight and marketing expertise to people who want some strategic support with developing a more passion-fuelled, principled and profitable business. If you have ambitions to grow your business or make it more sustainable, I will give you ways to reach more customers more effectively, boost your bottom line and get a better return on your marketing investment.”

– Anwen Cooper, Get Fruitful Marketing

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See what people are saying...

Working with Anwen has saved me time and money and eliminated stress. I realised the benefits as soon as I made some changes, including an increase in clients.

Rosemary Williams, Business Coach and Mentor, RW Coaching

Anwen is a highly intuitive mentor

Fabienne Morris, Communications Manager, London Symphony Orchestra

Anwen’s great strength is her clarity and pragmatism. Just one session with Anwen radically altered our perspective. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jacqui Honess-Martin, Artistic Director, Insite Performance

I am much more likely to succeed now I have Anwen’s support. Her knowledge of marketing is both deep and comprehensive. She plugged in straightaway to my issues but did not recommend facile solutions, as so many do to small business owners. She did not try to flog me more than I needed, but was intelligent, creative, considered and uniquely supportive.

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