Cheat’s Tip – Retrospective Blogging to Fill the Gaps!

Day 12 – Blogging for Breakfast 30 Day Challenge

Part of the motivation for starting this 30 Day Blogging for Breakfast Challenge was the fact that I’d let my regular commitment to blogging slip in recent months.

Writing a book, growing a new business, running group programmes, working with clients one-to-one AND being mother to a three year-old meant that making time to blog had slid down the priority list.

Looking back over my blog posts I realised that a big gap had emerged where I didn’t post anything for a couple of months. Behind-the-scenes in my business this was a really busy time with lots of interesting activity going on.

I have just decided to write up what happened as a series of ‘news update’ blogs and post them retrospectively, as a record to help boost SEO and also for people to understand a bit more of my story.

You can catch up here…

Back in February I recorded a podcast with fellow Kent marketer, David Mark Shaw:


In March I spoke at the Kent Invicta Chamber B2B at The Hop Farm about How to Find and Keep your Clients.


In May I hosted a Preview Brunch to showcase my forthcoming Playbook launch.

Having opened the printers’ proof live on Facebook…
And I featured in the Kent Messenger newspaper – twice!


In June I gave a presentation at the Professional Speaking Association South East region, called Sell Me Your Story – Why Should I Choose YOU.


In July I featured on the Business Bunker Radio Show.

Phew! Now it’s the Summer holidays I’m just catching up with myself.

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